Saturday, April 25, 2009


When I first saw the prompt for Inspire Me Thursday "Push" I went blank. But then it dawned on me as I sat staring at my coffee table (and all of my remotes) just how our life depends on the (push) of a button. Life decisions are made , money is withdrawn, bills paid, what type of junk food we want, what floor in a high rise we want to go to and countless other transactions- all made with the push of a button. God forbid you push the wrong one. For me my favorite is the "Help" button.


  1. indeed ...this is the true "push" for me as well...i like your post!

  2. Awesome interpretation Lori!

    I'm part of the "Push" generation - I guess you could say.

    I've always known remote controls, ATMs, and the various other types of technology that require the "push" interaction, as you've described.

    So, my generation are probably the most dependant on buttons.

    Cool picture :)

  3. great interpretation of PUSH !!!!