Sunday, April 5, 2009

By Definition

When I first saw the theme for this weeks Inspire Me Thursday (Key) the obvious came to me to do a collage with an old key that I scanned in and build from there. I knew that there were a number of different meanings for the word "key" but when I looked it up in the dictionary I was shocked at how many! Its fascinating how a language can take a small word and assign so many different associations to it. I tend to think of a key as the answer to a mystery- the classic unlocking to things unknown/ the power of knowing; but that's in a lyrical sense . I'm a landlord and sometimes the mystery behind the door is not a pretty one! To a musician a key is how they perceive the world- the note that their world is finely tuned to . To an historian a key is the method to decipher a code or series of symbols. It will be interesting to see the many artistic interpretations given to this theme!

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  1. lori `~ i think your"key" is really artistic ~ i enjoyed my visit here ~elk