Sunday, July 17, 2011

Realm Of Possibilities

This is my entry for the Take A Word challenge this week where the theme is "Flight". Dreams do take flight in the realm of possiblities (and a little Photoshop), where all things imaginable can happen!  Imagery credits for this digital collage go to Rosey Posey, Christine Rennee,   Beth Rimmer and  Holliewood at Deviant  Dream on!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is my entry for this week's Theme Thursday challenge "Wings".  Background is from a new set of artist papers (Donna Estabrooks) angel image from Dover, and script from Rebecca McMeen all painted and overlayed in photoshop.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is my entry for the Take A Word challenge this week "Stars and Stripes".

Don't we all feel a little like the woman in this image sometimes? This wonderul image of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" sums up alot of what many of us feel about promises, expectations and yes, disillusionment.  I put a rainbow in the background of this rural scene to represent our dreams, aspirations and hopes of a bright future and  greener pastures. These dreams are all possible too with hard work, common sense and stability which this heartland couple represent.  We have freedom but nothing comes free. We have to work for it, save and be in the moment but have our thoughts  and goals rooted in the future as well.  My family were all farmers, common sense kind of people, who laid down roots; uncertain yet determined to make it in this vast country and leave the door open to future prosperity for on-going generations.  As we are well into this 4th of July weekend we honor our independence and know that we each have the ability,  if we are willing, to obtain our heartland promise. 
Imagery from Dover books, Holliewood and Finecrafted designs  (Deviantart ).