Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

I got on myself really hard the other day. I went to the grocery store and forgot to use my new reusable bags. I'm trying- I really am. I sometimes go crazy trying to remember to shut this off, turn this down. I know a lot of people don't even think about it, but we all really need to be more aware of our impact on this planet. Small things we can do add up to lowering the stress level on our planet. Just being aware is a big step. As the Native Americans say "Walk Lightly" upon the Mother, but don't beat yourself up- just keep trying! WednesdayStamper


  1. Hello to you Lori this Earth Day! I moved all my reusable bags around the other day, I have them in a container behind my passenger seat, and for the first time in years!!! had to buy a bag! I think another kind of way we can be kind to the earth is to be kind to ourselves. The fact that you are conscious and trying is huge, the next big step, I think, is to give that awareness to our very self as we move in harmony with this precious planet...

  2. Hi Lori, great message here and a lovely collage :)

    I've got to try using the "green" bags whenever I do go shopping, but I'll have to get my Mum onto it aswell. She does all the grocery shopping XD

    At Supre (a clothing store aimed at female teens & young adults) they pack all their clothing in pink fabric bags. At the time they began that, it was very innovative, and soon they had other clothing stores following suit - but most of the copycat stores have discarded the idea by now.

    All you see at high school is girls running around with their Supre bags, carrying toiletries and clothes when people are sleeping over somewhere.

  3. Beautiful Earth Day tribute and I could not agree more that each of us CAN make a difference each in our own way!

  4. Beautiful, Lori. A great tribute to Earth Day. I try to remember to put the bags on the front passenger seat when I am headed for the grocery store. If they are on the back seat, I forget to take them inside.

  5. Fabulous. Love your background.