Friday, April 3, 2009

Had some fun yesterday decoupaging some Easter eggs( needing a break from taxes and bookwork)! I enjoy using patterned napkins for different layers ending in cool results. The hummingbird was done on an old piece of brick from my yard ; painted, stamped and decoupaged. The eggs were blown out (I made a fritatta with them so they don't go to waste), then washed out , left to dry and then the fun begins. I like to use "Golden Medium Gel" for the adhesive as it melts or shrinks the paper into really interesting designs.


  1. Hi there. I very much appreciate your works of art. You seem to know your way around a lot of the photo software. Good ideas! If you're interested in checking out my blog (about songs that I write, which have nature and art as central themes, and about my 2 cents on anything and everything), please check out

    Keep taking pictures and remixing them :)

    An admirer of your work,
    Andrew Sutton

  2. I love those eggs! I'm going to try decoupaging mine this year. Great idea using tissue papers! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. So nice to "meet" you! Your journal pages are gorgeous!

  3. Hi RavenPainting

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm sure I visited you a year or so ago, and then lost the site. I've read through several posts of yours just now. It's a great feeling to read - see - visit another artist's world. My eyes feel bathed. I really love your colors. The space that you and your husband created is captivating. You make me want to play and draw. I'm excited to visit your space again. I'll get you on my blogroll next week when my computer returns.