Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ghostly Effects

A page from a current journal that I digitally altered for The weekly theme was ghosts. Paper and collected images collage enhanced in Photoshop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

As I take a break from glue and scissors and paper for a while and continue experimenting with Photoshop I also realize I have been sitting way too much! The time really flys while you're at the computer getting lost into layers and whatnot. I need to get out and walk... We got a treadmill which is great for the inclement days but the green hills are calling to me. Several years ago, I was hiking around Deer Island, an open space area near my home, and I discovered a couple of goats running loose. I captured them in a photo (in a tree). It all seemed rather mystical. I found out later that they had been abandoned and animal services had captured them and found them a new home-not so mystical. I played around with the photo and added a few elements which was kind of fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Beginnings

half light, half dark.
Time of promise;
all that is buried comes forth.

From our roots we walk the circuit
ready to begin again.

Spent the Vernal equinox revelling out of doors (weeding actually). I walked the beautiful Labyrinth at a new friend's home (see Tales From the Labyrinth in my sidebar) and pondered on all things new in my life. I recently left a non-profit group I had been working with for over 6 years and have filled that time with a new puppy and a new blog. The new blog has opened my eyes to a bigger world and the puppy has opened my heart to appreciate the simple wonder of small things again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning Photoshop

I recently downloaded the trial version of Photoshop 7 and am entering a whole new world. Total beginner but am amazed at what you can do with your photos with special effects. I used inverted layers for this photo of a garden fairy I took recently.
This is a collage I made with about 4 different photos , one as a background and then added cropped and altered images from other photos.

This is a photo I took of my son Aaron (on sax) and his bandmates playing outside a cafe in which I added a fresco mode, which gave it an impressionist poster-like appearance. I'm afraid I may need a course in "Layers" to try to understand it all but this medium is endless.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Craft Weekend

This weekend was gray and rainy so I decided to make my geisha paper dolls. The faces are images from Dover books and the costuming is made up from different papers, fabrics and findings that I have. As always I try to start out with an idea in mind but it always evolves or changes as I go along. I wonder if the way we approach our artwork is not in fact the way we approach life - do we make it up as we go along, using the materials (skills) we have available or do we follow the instructions to the letter with expectations? The older I get the more "go with the flow" route I seem to want to take, not to be bogged down with the results. When I was younger I felt the need to compete and achieve. I'm not sure my art work has gotten better with the years, its just that I seem to enjoy the results more . As they say, the fun is in the making!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paper Doll Faeries

I have always loved paper dolls ever since I was a kid. Ah those days home from school (supposedly sick) and cutting out dolls and their clothes! I vaguely remember something about "Betsy McCall" in my moms McCalls magazines too. Paper dolls gave way to Barbie eventually but I still love them and now like to make them out of all kinds of beautiful paper and fabrics. These faeries are pretty tiny ( I made them about 8 years ago when my eyesight was better). They are all cut from body pattern pieces and put together with decorative brads (for movement). Would like to make some new dolls but larger and bolder this time. Was thinking of a geisha theme with beautiful robes and accessories.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Works in Progress

As always I have a lot of ideas and unfinished projects laying around. Sometimes the projects meld together. I recently bought a new counter -height pub table that works out to be the best surface to work on ever! Easy on the neck and you can lay everything out in a mess and play. So much better than before ( meaning the floor). I have so much ephemera and collected stuff over the years I am compelled to '"clean up" by creating something with it. Fabric, beads, trim, bottle caps, old hardware -you name it I have claimed it. That's why I named my blog "Ravenpainting" because of all the shiny things and little objects I have cached away in my nest (as Ravens do). When all is laid out the fun begins and the finished project may turn out to be very different from what was originally "planned". I alway tell friends who want to do any form of art projects- keep everything! Ticket stubbs, package labels, stamps, old clothes ( if the fabric is interesting) , things you may not see a use for now but you will later!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Green Man

Rise as the sun: antlered- bearded with greenery- the leaf -vein pulsing in your throat. Budded all over with small flame, and motley with birds in your hair and arms. Rise, and put on your foliage. - Ronald Johnson, The Book of The Greenman.

The Oak Guardian in my yard

Took a drive today and was surrounded by glorious green hills, very lush and verdant , after the recent rains. I was inspired to check out my yard which is bursting with mushrooms and new growth. I have a lot of garden ornaments of which quite a few are of The Green Man, a very symbolic fellow representing renewal, strength, becoming closer with nature and its wilder aspects. They seemed to jump out at me today urging me to get dirty and clean up the yard! The true essence of the Green Man however, is usually hidden; a face peering out from a bush or in that gnarled old oak; secretly his eyes following you as you enter his world for a while. Personally I like to think there are green women as well, urging us to care for our green world as a sacred place.

Frida Shrine (antlered and wild)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My "new mom" status has me a bit weary, but blog I must. Starting a blog and getting a new puppy in 3 weeks time is a little daunting! I really don't know how to do either. I'm pulling on all skills available and have been feeling excited but overwhelmed. I need to "let go" and let it all happen. I have been venturing into blogland and have found some very inspiring sites and friendly people who have commented kindly. It means a lot to me at this uncertain stage. These images are of some ornaments that I made years ago out of clay and fashioned from molds that I got from I recently painted them and set them up on decorative papers(Catherine Moore below) for a fun effect.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay. So its time to put everything up out of the way of puppy mouths! This doll was found in Toby's mouth this morning (he was telling me what I should put on my blog today). The doll is usually mounted on the wall but I had it down to photograph. No damage done but I have to be alert. I'm super tired (lack of sleep) getting up in the middle of the night to take walks and falling all around the back yard. He's doing really well though - should make it through the nite very soon. I made this doll from my own pattern. I stuffed it with fiberfill and applied beads to the entire body. Clay face and embellishments were then added. Really enjoy the beading but I need a magnifying glass these days (in addition to my glasses!