Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art and Garden

 just listen.
We know a way from your scene to the Unseen.
You've lived too long in that gloomy house.
This path leads to a garden that will lift you right
out of yourself.
The gardener is an old friend, the cypress and
jasmine too.
Every day we come and gather a hundred blossoms
here to scatter among you.
Don't worry, there are no hidden motives,
just too much love blooming to keep
for ourselves.
These words are a fragrance escaping
from this garden.
See how the world is softened by their sweetness.
hear them whisper,
Come1 Come! It really is like this!
When we first caught the scent it
swept us away, then gave us
And even if we are nothing more than
servants of love now, take care!
Like love, we wait in ambush.

This is my entry for the Take a Word challenge "Floral" this week.  Imagery from Dover, Finecrafted designs and Lorie Davison.


  1. Really really wonderful Lori.
    You´ve made a garden dream. xoxo

  2. That is beautiful! With the perfect poem too!

  3. Such a beautiful collage! Great colors and beautiful digital effects

  4. Really lovely collage and an excellent choice for the poem to go with it!


  5. Brilliant collage Lori. Beautiful work.
    Lovely greet

  6. I hope everyone enlarge to see the many effects and layers you used here. Very very good and the poem is beautiful!

  7. Wow!! This has to be one of my newest favorites of yours Lori! This is charged with beautiful intensity.. gorgeous energies and feels so enchanting and even deeply mysterious to a poetic way..this feels like it is from another a drema world tearing through the tapestry and appearing in our realm..magnificent!! even the colors are wildly unique and beautiful all composed together! wowness!!

  8. Thank you for sharing Rumi with us. Your art is perfect for the prose.

  9. The goddess of the garden surrounded by her bounty...beautiful picture beautiful word an inspiration to plant and enjoy!

  10. Lori, your art is always so spectacular!

  11. Gorgeous art work and love the poem too, Lori!

  12. This is absolutely gorgeous, Lori! What a beauty. Love it.

  13. The poem and the picture are just perfection Lori! I so admire your work! xx

  14. This is absolutely gorgeous, Love the colors the poem...

  15. I just love this piece! I want to hang it on my wall!

  16. Really beautiful work Lori!
    It seems perfect in my eyes!
    Nothing to touch, or only to put it on a wall!

  17. Love the antique combination with the brilliant colors, an awesome compostion!

  18. So beautiful! I love this one, Lori, and after reading the poem I think I want to come and invade your garden!
    A few years ago while travelling south from Seattle to Los Angeles I stayed in Mendecino for a couple of days. We were right on the coast with seals below the cliffs and a beautiful garden with - and this was my biggest thrill - HUMMING BIRDS - which I had never seen before. A magical part of California.

  19. so awesome! love siren´s song and the warm colors piece also!