Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

This week's theme for Inpire me Thursday is the lost art of letter writing. This is a subject I often think about in these day of emails, faxes, text messaging, cell phones and yes, blogging! (which are all great) but it is a lost art to actually sit down and write a meaningful letter to someone. It used to be one of the only ways to express feelings and important news to each other. Everything is so available to us now (instant) and out of breath communication is the norm. Small bytes of info coming in and out- are we really getting through to each other? It is interesting thinking about how people took (or seemed to have) more time to really compose their thoughts and focus on the intended receiver. I still handwrite thank you notes (yikes- no backspace or delete buttons for misspelled words) and letters to my mother (she's not computer saavy yet) and I am trying to approach my blogging with the same sense of meaningful composition as I would in a handwritten letter.
Yes, after creating my digital collage above and writing this post, a couple of hours have gone by- but I feel like in the time I spent (letting everything else go) I have accomplished something - and that makes the time worthwhile!


  1. How enchanting this piece is! Wonderful!

  2. Really lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  3. such a special feeling and light to the piece

  4. Yes it is rare to get a handwritten letter. I received one last week, it was pages long and such a delight!
    I hand make and offer for sale greeting cards with my photography. Folks love the images and keep them for themselves, not only because they love the images but because they text, email and phone long before they write a letter.
    The solution, maybe to sell something else, but also for me to write more letters to bring cheer to my loved ones.
    Your post is inspiring and your art lovely.