Thursday, June 11, 2009

Color Me

Ah yes , the inner child...When I was a child there was nothing that brought me more comfort than a box of crayons and a coloring book . I also remember drawing lots of hands - my hands -tracing them, turning them into turkeys at Thanksgiving, coloring them too with every color imaginable. I still like to color but with sometimes a little more sophisticated tools- hence this digital collage. That inner need to create is still there -I think we all have it- or we wouldn't blog or create every chance we get. The trick is to keep the "child" like attitude about our creativity and not overthink what we make so much- just let it happen! This is my entry for Inspiremethursday's theme Child Art (great idea Sarah)!.


  1. Lori, this is such a gorgeous digital collage! It really does relive a childhood memory.

    I absolutely adore the almost psychedelic patterns that decorate the palms of the hands.
    The static-y texture in this piece is really cool too, adds a nice effect, as if it truly is a flash back.

    Just lovely!
    - Sarah

  2. This is wonderful Lori!!! I love it....I love the way it reminds me of my youth and how having the perfect crayons was so important for me....

    Have a wonderful Friday!!!


  3. Love the bright colors, your work is so inspiring, I'm excited!.
    Wish you a nice weekend,
    Hugs Anja

  4. This colage fits the theme very well. I love the use of colors.

  5. I really like this colorful hand. And in my kitchen --yellowing and dusty is one of the hand turkeys my little girl made sooooo many years ago!