Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thoughts on Journaling

Now that my blog is 2 weeks old, there is actually something to look back on. I have viewed a lot of beautiful blogs lately (being very new to all of this) and am amazed at the longevity that so many have. I worry- will I be able to be as witty and relaxed as so many are through their posts. Writing does not come easy to me and I hope that through this amazing blogging network I will learn a thing or two. I'm kind of an overly organized person and find myself "planning" my posts around ideas and thoughts that have been milling around for a long time in my head. I hope to become more spontaneous. One thing I do hold firm though, is that an online journal is in itself an artistic creation and that there are really no 'mistakes'. All creative endeavors lead to growth and insight. A big part of journaling is to look back and see where you were and see how you've grown. Eventually, when you connect with other bloggers and develope true friendship and a kind of closeness that comes from sharing online , you can see growth and change in them as well. It's all good.

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  1. yes, I agree, that this online journal is an artform in and of itself and that there are no mistakes.

    I like what you are sharing with us the fan of hands below...