Monday, February 16, 2009

Bohemian Elements

February 16, 2009

I often wonder where our specific tastes and inclinations really come from. Are they completely inherited and influenced by our early years or are they our own. If we're lucky, we may have some faded photos of family members engaged in their youthful passions or celebrations; opening a small window into their past. Or tales of Aunt Mabel or Uncle Leo that sound just like us. I have memories of my Grandmother Doris and her somewhat exotic/bohemian taste , which I share. She danced in the 1930's in a group called the "Dennishawn" Dancers, styled after Ruth St. Dennis. She loved all things Asian and middle eastern and I remember being drawn to her furnishings, nautch bells and beaded costume jewelry. She's been gone a long time but as I look around at my furnishings and artwork that I have made I do see a bit of her reflected.

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