Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Hallows Eve

There is a secret hour of the night
when the goddess rises in the moon,
the great queen of all humanity,
full of power and majesty.
She shines on us, and all of us
are enlivened by her. All of us:
animals, both wild and tame,
and plants and trees, and even
rocks and clouds and oceans,
for everything has its rhythm,
everything has its ebbs and flows.
Whether in the air, on earth, or
beneath the sea, everything is hers.
- Apuleius
This is a digital collage I made to honor Samhain (Halloween) - the night when the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest and the gateway when the old year ( now fully harvested ) and the new, must begin. There is an eclipse as the goddess receives the moon's light and the candles are lit for those who have passed on. This is my entry for the Darkness Inspiration Challenge.


  1. Wow Lori! This is stunning and beautiful! And I like the write up that goes with it. Fantastic work, as always.

  2. och!
    how grittily stunning!!!!
    and peacock wings

  3. This is incredible! Your digital art and words - perfect!

  4. you are the queen of digi amazement!!! she is wonderful....i love the bits of red!

  5. All of the texture, and your beautiful color pallet have combined to create an exquisite piece that's full of enchantment and mystery. Stunning, Lori! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. I love this collage! The colors are perfect for the mood of the piece. You make such beautiful art. It's always a treat to see what you come up with next!

  7. Stunning work, very atmospheric. It captures the Samhain spirit perfectly.

  8. Wow!!! it's beautiful, i really love it!!

  9. Hello Lori..your image is beautiful...I love how It has a textured appearance,wonderful.

  10. SO beautiful Lori! I love the wings and the moon there is something special about being able to touch the moon or feel like you are on a beautiful star lit night.

    You have captured All Hallows Eve in both Vision and word:)

  11. Another wonderful piece. The poem just gave me the shivers down my spine it is so evocative and really captures the true mood of Samhain which is so much more than Halloween and the rather silly witchy and spooky stuff. (Not wanting to offend anyone...)

  12. WOW, this piece is even more magnificent when you enlarge it! Well done, Lori!

  13. Simply a m a z i n g, Lori! You`re such a talented artist!

  14. Another FAB_U_LOUS piece, Lori, I'm still on the 'darkside' myself so I too have made my first entry for this challenge!

  15. WOW Lori!!! this is wonderful...what a neat always inspire!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  16. An amazing piece! You are SO talented Lori. Have a very Happy Halloween! - Kris

  17. wow wow wow, oh did I say wow???

    Just amazing, I love it. I've added you to my "must stalk..." list - oops, I mean follow.

  18. what a brilliant piece Lori!! love all about it!!

  19. I adore this piece!!! The colors are magnificent & the wings make me want to fly. Wonderful job Lori, you're an amazing artist!

  20. This is so beautiful, Lauri! Thank you for participating the challenge!