Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rubber Stamp Frenzy

Over the years I have collected a drawer full of beautiful rubber stamps. (Some of the sources for these stamps are listed on my blog page). I have both wood mounted and unmounted stamps for different uses. I love the depth and surreal quality that layering and adding stamped images can give to your work. Sometimes I use only half the image and overlap images to add an aged feel. I always test my image first on a scratch paper to see how it looks. You can use ink, ink pads, acrylic /oil paints or stains to get your desired effect. Just make sure you clean your stamps quickly after use . I use a toothbrush to clean really well. I also use rubber stamps with clay, embellish with paint/ink and then bake.

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  1. What a great rubber stamp of me!
    Luv yah,