Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Blue

Beautiful blue
we hear your sighs...
we feel your bones shift from bearing our weight
we see your rhythms change from our collective songs.

From your core we came,
through your oceans we live
to your soil we return.
Beautiful blue.

It is once again Earth Day and as always a time to cherish our swirling home and vow to do better with her care. Not just this day but hopefully every day.  There is so much to be said about our impact on the planet and I feel that good strides are being made; not only through education and awareness but through actual change and implementation of programs worldwide.  We still have along way to go however.  It is mind boggling how recuperative this planet is,  and I would like to keep this Earth Day in a positive light; taking the lessons learned from nature at how it adapts, recovers and renews.  Earth's own energy is at times very violent and destructive (not always our doing) and reminds us that we live  in a delicate balance; not to take things for granted.
  I hope everyone today has a chance to get "back to the garden"  to connect, renew and plant the seeds for the future.


  1. Beautiful art! I love your poem too! Yes, the Earth is important but she is not as fragile as we are. As we damage her we are really killing ourselves. She will live but with her beauty gone. Let's save ourselves and her beauty! Excellent work!

  2. a beautiful tribute to Earth Day . . .

  3. This is so beautiful....Wow! This is a magnificent piece and tribute..I love what you wrote..and this image you created is has to be one of my newest favorites..I also love that little dragonfly in there...powerful ! An absolutely beautiful gift for earth day! are amazing Lori! You are always one of my treasured stops in blogland each week!

  4. Thanks for this beautiful picture and poem. You know how I love our Mother ... and am happy to see some positive changes happening. My daughter and I just watched an episode on the BBC about the Blue Planet, our oceans, and how little we know about our mysterious seas. Just pray that "Big Business" stays out. It's like they are a cancer on this beautiful planet of ours. Happiness and Good Intentions to all.

  5. Oh so wonderful to be back here again!!! I love this piece Lori...your work is always so full of passion!!!!

  6. Wow Lori this is very impressive.
    Stunning layers and design. I love it. xoxo

  7. Gorgeous artwork Lori... and beautiful words... days like this are wonderful to bring our focus back to Mother Earth... and our appreciation of this wonderful planet...

    Jenny x

  8. Happy Earth Day to you too! I'm glad to see your Earth Day post in a positive light. I have trouble with that. I do tend to be negative. Hopefully with all the Green talk going on people will at least be more mindful of their choices.....deb

  9. beautiful , & lovely colours :)

  10. Very powerful and moving post for our Mother Earth, thank you ;o)

  11. This is just gorgeous, Lori!