Monday, July 20, 2009

Hummer's Song and Yellowbird

A word about digital art- love it! Okay that's two words but I have only been at this for four months now (got Photoshop Elements in March of this year) and I have discovered ways to make old things new again! The two digital collages above were made for the Rosie and Linda's Big Art Adventure " A Bird in Hand" being the theme. Both pieces were made from photos that I have taken of flowers from my yard and the birds are silk decorative pieces that I have used in centerpiece arrangements and what- not around the house. "Nothing special "pictures but by erasing out their background , blending them with the floral photos as the first layer and "painting" (for quite some time to get it right) in Photoshop with artistic filters and layers- I came up with two whole new works. Artistic recycling!


  1. Gives a whole new meaning to recycling!
    I will have to get Photoshop Elements because I love what you do & would love to play. I can't quite do it yet....but it is on my list :)

  2. They are both beautiful have obviously become skilled at using PS Elements. I have a trial copy but I've been beaten by it! I probably don't spend enough time finding out how to use it properly - but I would love to be able to do what you do!
    Thank you for taking part in our challenge.
    Linda :-)

  3. Unbelievable, beautiful and fabulous ART!!!! What fantastic colors and I could sit and look at them for so long they are just so gorgeous!
    Congratulations on your special touch with photoshop elements!

  4. Your artwork is so Vibrant and soul touching! I do love it so.

    To answer your question my banner is new but it will probably change again soon. I love to change things and my page is on the list so that things don't get to mundane for me:)

    Have a magical and Creative day!

  5. These are lovely, my hands down favourite is the yellow bird, if he was up on the wall he would make me feel happy and smile everytime I passed him! Very clever of you. (I can't get the hang of layers on photoshop.)
    Happy crafting Lori!
    Gini xx

  6. Fantastic the depth and interest you've created, both creations are beautiful and so vibrant Lori!
    I continue to be in awe of digital art and am impressed you've only be doing it such a short time with such brilliant results!

  7. Stunning projects Lori - so pleased you visited my blog and left a sweet comment, as it lead me over here onto yours. The Yellow Bird is fabulous - such vibrant colours too. A very happy, uplifting image.
    Love, Sylvia x

  8. both your pieces are amazing! the colors and birds! I especially love the first. You are very talented! :)

  9. Wow , they are very beautiful !
    Great colors .
    For ABAA Rini the Netherlands

  10. I really like the top one. The colors are amazing!

  11. Love both of these. I am with you digital ROCKS!