Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mother Moon
we are so drawn to you....
in love
in life cycles
in dreams
in madness.

You are the sun's companion
more mysterious and cool
aloof at times..
though always rising to the occasion
once more in full glory.

You are the poet's muse
Luna Pearl...
the huntress
the songstress
the protectress.

Teach us your patience
your ebb and flow
your fluid prose.

This is my entry for the Take A Word challenge this week where the "Moon" is the subject. The Moon holds a wealth of symbology , not only for women but all of nature's cycles and rhythms.  I am always encouraging everyone to take the time and notice the phases of the moon; to try and avoid taking nature for granted.  We become so involved in the artificial world now that we lose sight of our more natural connections; our source for inspiration, art  and love.

Imagery credits go to Dover books, Lorie Davison, Rosie Posey and wikipedia.


  1. This is beautiful. Where did you get the image of the Mother Moon??? Love Her. I often think that people are so crazy because of modern life and not being connected to nature ... we don't celebrate together anymore and everybody seems so isolated only connecting via the internet, which can be good and bad for us. I long for human contact connection, but nobody has the time and are so stressed out ... so many people are suffering right now due to the economic times it breaks my heart.

    Love and Light and Abundance for ALL, there is enough if only people would share of the resources and of themselves.

  2. So so beautiful my dear Lori.
    Fabulous design and interpretation.

  3. I love this piece! Btw you can get your music back. Go to my blog and down to the bottom and you will see the new music box. Sorry, I don't remember the name. All the blogs have grown so quiet! Spread the word : )

  4. Lori, I am never disappointed when I arrive at your blog. Your work is always full of thought and meaning and always so beautifully created. Take a bow, my friend.

  5. wonderful art, lori so full of mystery and symbolism. It's both majestic and magical--just the way a goddess should be!

  6. Beautiful prose...I love that you used something besides a real moon picture...awesome work!

  7. Your art is beautiful, and your words reminded me of my parents, who were people of the soil. My mother planted her garden by the dictate of the moon, and the farmers paid close attention to it as well. You're absolutely right, we don't play close enough attention any more!

  8. beautiful take on the theme and accompanying poem is so graceful. Cheers

  9. What a beautiful and magical combination of image and words. Love it!

  10. Beautiful! I love the feminine energy you created there.

  11. Absolutely beautiful, your word message as well. TFS.

  12. Stupendous Lori! Love the image and the words! You are always so poetic!! xx

  13. You Luna is beautifully full of mystery. Another beauty.

  14. Beautiful words and art, Lori!xx

  15. Truth and beauty in words and images.

  16. Yes, a brilliant take on the moon theme with a most beautiful and creative artpiece and a wonderful poem which gives us food for thought.I have run out of superlatives!! Superb.

  17. Lori, Love your take onthe subject moon. You are so talented

  18. Beautiful interpretation, Lori.

  19. Love-love-love....beautiful!!! What a Magical vision...