Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Solstice Invocation

Hail, lovely sun! Praise you for rising!
Praise you for dawning!  Yesterday
we shivered in darkness while
you were trapped in the mountains.
Now you rise light as a silver bird.
Always rise like this goddess,
always come back to us like this,
bringing us health and safety,
bringing the game to our arrows,
 the fish to our fishhooks.  Journey
now in peace, go around the earth
in safety, travel in joy goddess!
...................From "The Goddess Path"

Happy Summer Solstice to all!  Enjoy the long day and the light as the sun will now begin her slow journey away from us . She has been building towards this and we are meant to take notice and celebrate. Enjoy all the bounty that is Summer!


  1. Absolutely beautiful my dear Lori.
    Wonderful work again and again. Love them. xoxo

  2. Wow..Magnificently potently beautiful!Pure Gorgeousness!
    Happy Summer Solstice kindred sister!

  3. Happy Summer Solstice to you. I love your creative interpretation.! Beautiful!