Saturday, February 4, 2012


I recently got a wonderful new digital kit from Finecrafted Designs at Deviant art entitled "warrior women" and this is my tribute to Joan of Arc using imagery from the new kit, personal photos, vintage botanical prints and imagery from Rebecca McMeen and Christine Rennee.

"The path of the Warrior
is lifelong
and mastery is often simply
staying on the path"....... Richard Strozzi Heckler

Wise words and thoughtful ones. When you get to my age (57) you tend to look back at your past and reflect on whether you followed your early pathways of young adulthood or not. Many do and I admire the ability to find your calling early on and pursue with gusto. But some of us take a more labyrinthian course , a few twists and turns along the way (keeping life interesting)... I think we all eventually get to the center of the maze becoming the people we are, shedding some armor and gaining insight towards who we really are. I may not have followed (some) of my dreams as they were not particularly realistic but I created new pathways when I came to a dead end resulting in an ever-evolving quest.


  1. A beautiful, subtle and meaningful piece, Lori. St. Joan was such a complex and mysterious person; there is still discussion as to whether she was delusional or really did speak to the saints. It must have been both wonderful and terrifying.

  2. Wow Lori this is magical.
    So beautiful layering and design. Love it.

    Have a lovely sunday my dear friend. xoxo

  3. beautiful and evokative, esp like the use of the danelion seed head for it's fagile beauty and flexiablity.A great piece and an inspiring piece of writting.EE

  4. So gorgeous and magical and spiritual Lori!I love Joan..very special soul! Beautiful writing..and i love all that you shared!

  5. This is lovely, Lori, and I am so pleased to see you back

  6. You have shared sacred words with me today and your images are simply holy!!! Very kind words are blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. The evolving quest... right there with you. Your image seems serenely confident.