Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Green Man

Rise as the sun: antlered- bearded with greenery- the leaf -vein pulsing in your throat. Budded all over with small flame, and motley with birds in your hair and arms. Rise, and put on your foliage. - Ronald Johnson, The Book of The Greenman.

The Oak Guardian in my yard

Took a drive today and was surrounded by glorious green hills, very lush and verdant , after the recent rains. I was inspired to check out my yard which is bursting with mushrooms and new growth. I have a lot of garden ornaments of which quite a few are of The Green Man, a very symbolic fellow representing renewal, strength, becoming closer with nature and its wilder aspects. They seemed to jump out at me today urging me to get dirty and clean up the yard! The true essence of the Green Man however, is usually hidden; a face peering out from a bush or in that gnarled old oak; secretly his eyes following you as you enter his world for a while. Personally I like to think there are green women as well, urging us to care for our green world as a sacred place.

Frida Shrine (antlered and wild)

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  1. Love your little Frida shrine amongst the green men!!

    Hey...Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Gorgeous artwork!